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Nature Journaling for Wellbeing

£60.00 fee may apply if you do not meet eligibility criteria
Course Level


Start Date

Thu 27 Apr 2023


6 weeks

£60.00 fee may apply if you do not meet eligibility criteria


Nature journaling is the practise of drawing and writing in response to nature. This fun, relaxing, hands-on course will help you to connect more closely with nature in your local area and express yourself by creating unique pages in your own nature journal.

Students will learn the basics of nature journaling as they begin to notice and document the natural world using material from their walks, observations and experiences in nature. Each week time will be spent creating the pages in nature journals using drawing and writing, while exercises, inspiration and guidance will be offered in a creative and encouraging environment.

Keeping a nature journal is a way to transform regular walks into meaningful experiences. This course is designed to help you to get creative, connect more with nature, and deepen your curiosity about the nature that surrounds you. According to Attention Restoration Theory it is a good way to restore our focus and brains after screen time overload leading to increased feeling of fascination, flow and wellbeing. Nature journaling is a great way to keep your brain fit, building new connections between neurons and strengthening those that already exist.

The course is aimed at beginners but those with some experience of drawing or journaling are also welcome.

“Journeys under stars and across oceans, forests and deserts have led me to the ultimate challenge: to gain a deep and intuitive understanding of my environment closer to home, a true sense of place. Very little in our surroundings is random, and with a little practise we can learn to sense things that we may find astonishing. Understanding how and why this happens opens a new and very old way of experiencing our environment…”.

Tristan Gooley —Wild Signs and Star Paths

“With just paper and pen, people who are passionate about a place may be as well-equipped as anyone to protect it.”
—Carolyn Duckworth, naturalist-writer-teacher

Learning outcomes

By the end of the course adult learners will be able to:

· Apply basic drawing techniques to document nature

· Create pages in their journals using a range of materials to represent their walks including collage, pencils, paint

· Understand the principles of nature journaling and compare other nature writers and artists’ approaches

· Apply simple research tools and apps to identify some of the plants, birds and trees in their local area

· Explore and apply different ways of using writing and words creatively in their nature journals

· Learn about biodiversity in their local area as well as exploring and comparing different areas in East Sussex by sharing walks and journals with other learners

· Understand how a short walk in nature can be an opportunity to deepen curiosity and connection with the environment and as a consequence, become a more active caretaker of their local environment

· Experience the benefits to wellbeing of regular time spent outdoors in nature

· Experience the benefits to wellbeing of ringfencing time for playful creativity.

£60.00 fee may apply if you do not meet eligibility criteria

Course details

  • Tutor: Tara Gould
  • Time: 15.30-17.30
  • Provision: CL
  • Term: Summer
  • Location: The Hub
  • Full fee: £60
  • Concessionary fee: Free