Dressmaking 101: Make your own Clothes

£150.00 fee may apply if you do not meet eligibility criteria
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Tue 23 Apr 2024


12 weeks

£150.00 fee may apply if you do not meet eligibility criteria

About Course

Dressmaking 101 is a comprehensive 12-week course designed to introduce students to the art and craft of creating their own clothes from scratch. Whether you’re a complete novice or have some sewing experience, this course will guide you through the essential techniques and principles of dressmaking, inspiring you to design and sew your own clothing with confidence and precision.

Course content:

By the end of this course, students will be able to:

Understand the fundamentals of dressmaking, including fabric selection, pattern preparation, and garment construction.

Master basic sewing techniques and stitches necessary for creating professional-quality garments.

Develop proficiency in reading and interpreting sewing patterns.

Apply principles of fit and garment alteration to ensure a perfect fit for every body shape.

Practice sustainable and eco-friendly approaches to dressmaking.

Gain practical experience through hands-on projects and assignments.

Week-by-Week Course Outline:

Week 1-3: Introduction to Sewing Basics and dressmaking project

Overview of sewing equipment and tools.

Introduction to hand sewing and machine sewing techniques.

Fabric selection and understanding fabric grain.

Selecting appropriate fabrics for dressmaking projects.

Pattern layout and cutting techniques.

Start your sewing journal

Week 4-6: Understanding Patterns and Measurements

Reading and interpreting sewing patterns.

Taking accurate body measurements for custom-fit garments.

Introduction to pattern alterations and adjustments.

Week 7-9: Garment Construction Techniques

Seams, darts, button holes and facings: mastering construction basics.

Introduction to garment fitting and calico mock-ups.

Finishing techniques: hemming, seam finishes, and closure

Simple dress projects to apply learned techniques.

Customizing dress patterns to fit personal style preferences.

Troubleshooting common sewing issues and mistakes.

Week 10-11: Creative Design and Personalization

Embellishment techniques: appliqué, embroidery, and fabric manipulation.

Exploring design elements such as collars, sleeves, and pockets.

Developing a personal design aesthetic.

Week 12: Sustainability in Dressmaking

Eco-friendly fabric choices and sourcing.

Sustainable sewing practices and reducing textile waste.

Who Should attend This Course:

This course is ideal for people with an interest in design, sewing, and garment construction. You will enjoy this course if you have some basic sewing knowledge e.g threading your sewing machine. Dressmaking 101 will provide you with the knowledge and skills needed to start creating your own hand made clothes.

Students will be evaluated based on their participation in class activities, completion of assigned projects, and a final dressmaking project showcasing their skills and creativity.

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£150.00 fee may apply if you do not meet eligibility criteria

Course details

  • Tutor: Nicole Lichtenberg
  • Time: 09.30-12.30
  • Provision: CL
  • Term: Summer
  • Location: The Hub
  • Full fee: £150